After becoming the owner of a gorgeous and very mischievous sprocker spaniel puppy named Skylar, I soon noticed how boring and unimaginative the collars and clothing were from most pet shops and online retailers, especially those based in the UK. My crazy little companion was just too full of fun and character to be dulled down by one of these drab offerings. So, after a trip to the local haberdashery, out came the sewing machine and my first ever bandana was made. More bandanas soon followed, as well as a very swanky bow tie collar, and we frequently received compliments from other dog owners when out and about. It quickly became apparent there was a real demand for high quality, stylish attire for dogs and so Dapper Hounds was created.

All our products are hand-crafted using the highest quality fabrics, materials and hardware to make sure both you and your dog love them just as much as Skylar and I do. Every product comes in a kraft card gift box, made from recycled paper and which is 100% recyclable. However, even recycling has an impact on the planet, so we have tried to make our packaging so nice that hopefully you will want to keep it and use it to store all sorts of valuables, keepsakes and more. This handsome packaging also make our products charming gifts that any pampered pooch would be delighted to receive.

We will be expanding our range later in 2019 so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news, updates and special offers.